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Stayin' Alive :iconchildofthewest:ChildOfTheWest 1 0
Mature content
Scream and Wail :iconchildofthewest:ChildOfTheWest 0 1
Mature content
I know who you are :iconchildofthewest:ChildOfTheWest 0 3
Restless Spirit
"Echoed voices in the night
she's a restless spirit on an endless flight" - The Eagles
Part 2
I woke up the next morning to the incessant ringing of my phone. I was still on the couch and the TV was still on. I had at least put on my pajamas before falling asleep so I wasn’t a complete failure as an adult. I grabbed my phone off the coffee table.
“Hello?” I rasped. I loudly cleared my throat of phlegm. “Hello?” I repeated.
“It’s your mother.”
I sat up, rubbing my eye free of gunk. “You make it sound so ominous.”
I heard my mother sigh on the other end. She would be having none of my shenanigans this fine Thursday morning. I put my phone on speaker, stretched out, turned the TV off, and prepared myself for whatever she wanted. Margaret O’Malley didn’t call her eldest unless something huge was about to happen.
“I need you to go to Lincolnshire today.” Her usually soft, Irish lilt sounded annoyed or maybe
:iconchildofthewest:ChildOfTheWest 0 1
Voice of Rage
"I fear rivers over flowing.
I hear the voice of rage and ruin." -CCR
Part 1
I am not a tall person. I am not a muscular person. I am the most physically, unimposing red-head on the planet, next to maybe Little Orphan Annie. Despite my small stature I still managed to instill fear into the interlopers who had come into my bar with their crazy propaganda.
“As we were, uh, saying,” the leggy blond faltered under my glare. Her short male companion actually backed up. The blond soldiered on, I had to give her some credit. “As we were saying, there will be a memorial service in two days in Old Town at -”
“Don't care,” I said, cutting her off.
“Well we're just letting all of the witches in Cook County know about it,” she said. I was impressed she continued. Usually the stare plus a few pointed syllables stopped people.
“David Anker was a servant to all witches - “
“No one here is interested,” my friend, Samantha, jumped
:iconchildofthewest:ChildOfTheWest 0 3
By Grace Alone
A small hooded figure hovered over Adam. He never imagined he’d be in a room where the least threatening figure was named “Death Dealer.” The hooded vigilante hadn’t threatened him with death, but rather had been gentle in bringing Adam to face judgment by the King of Thieves.
“Master Atkins, did you think we’d look the other way? We slip coins into the pockets of city guards to keep them out of the way, and here you and your brother come, killing a guard over a game of dice.” The king made a “tsk” noise with his tongue.
Adam had seen this man angry before. It was not a pleasant experience. Never had he imagined he’d be on the receiving end of such wrath. The thief hadn’t yelled yet, but his tone heralded doom. The king was not a man who tolerated mistakes.
From his spot on the floor Adam had a great view of the man’s boots. He was afraid to look upwards. The pacing feet of the king stopped by his nose.
“He c
:iconchildofthewest:ChildOfTheWest 0 1
Lady Keeper
Darkness blanketed the tomb. The white alabaster stones seemed to stick out in stark contrast, but everywhere the little girl looked was covered in menacing shadows. Almost everywhere.
Two men were in the main chamber, the chamber that held King Alister’s remains. The main chamber also held a few treasures of the late king’s glory days. His sword, shield, and a few heirlooms of House Brádaigh were all displayed for pilgrims. Donations to pay for the tomb’s upkeep were kept in a small study off the tomb proper. The little girl figured this must be what the men were looking for and it was, unfortunately, where the girl hid.
Sarra of the clan Tearlach sat huddled under her grandfather’s desk in the study, shaking with fear. Her grandfather was the tomb’s keeper and no one was supposed to enter without his presence. Even his kin couldn’t go into the tomb unsupervised. If Sarra wasn’t to be in the tomb at night, neither were these ruffians.
:iconchildofthewest:ChildOfTheWest 2 3
Rage and Ruin
“'Bridget, don't practice black magic' 'Bridget, don't turn the neighbor's son into your familiar' 'Bridget, stop replacing my energy drinks with sleeping potions.' I've had it up to here with you people telling me what not to do,” I said, holding my hand to my neck. “I thought having a friend in a government position meant not having these rules imposed on me.”
My friend, Samantha, just looked at me, blinking slowly. Apparently she was not having any of my shenanigans today. I couldn't say I blamed her. If I was on a probationary period at work I wouldn't give me any leeway either.
Samantha folded her hands together on top of her desk and leaned forward. “I'll stop 'imposing' my rules when you stop putting your witches' license in the garbage disposal.” She looked like a competent professional. Her brown hair was pulled into a tight bun and she wore a navy blue lady's suit with a light pink blouse underneath. If we weren't friends I'd think she was
:iconchildofthewest:ChildOfTheWest 4 3
Samantha Dunmore
Everything started five years ago. The president and congress tried to change the immigration policy. The new stringent laws would force the US back to a more isolationist viewpoint, a pre-World War II U.S. The theory was we could focus on our crumbling economy and other internal issues. Most people didn’t see how this would help and there were protests, but the proposed policies angered some powerful werewolves.
There was a large werewolf population who had been in the US for one or two generations and they brought family members and friends from Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America in droves. These packs owned businesses, managed to get workers' visas for their families, and staffed shops and warehouses with their kin. They reunited packs that had once been separated by oceans. Their secrets were relatively safe from human interference thanks to the enterprising nature of many alphas. Money moved a lot of it along and when you have a pack of thirty to forty sometimes even a
:iconchildofthewest:ChildOfTheWest 43 26
The Warden Goblet by ChildOfTheWest The Warden Goblet :iconchildofthewest:ChildOfTheWest 4 0 Author Photo by ChildOfTheWest Author Photo :iconchildofthewest:ChildOfTheWest 1 1
Edith Crawley - Werewolf
**This fanfiction contains spoilers for Season 4, if you haven't seen it you have been warned.
The morning was bitter. The dew had turned to frost in the night and the cold seeped through Edith Crawley's clothes. At least what was left of them. Edith sat up and found her muslin evening dress ruined. The tiny beads that were sewn into the bodice had mostly come undone and were strewn in the frosty grass around her. The skirts of the dress were ripped and the soft pink had spots of rusty red all through it. Her black wool jacket was in tatters all around her. She picked up a shiny brass button. It felt cold and heavy in her hand, heavier than a simply button should have. Her body ached as though she'd been run over by a team of horses.
“Edith!” “My lady!” Edith turned her head toward the calling voices. She recognized her father's voice and the voice of the butler Carson. She could just see them hurrying over the grounds toward her. A whole party of others
:iconchildofthewest:ChildOfTheWest 1 0
Fallen Grace - Free Book Offer
**I am offering two free copies of my work, Fallen Grace (sample chapter is below.) Please email me at between now and December 8th if you're interested. I will pick the two winners at random and will email a copy of my e-book to them. An honest review of the book is appreciated, but not necessary.
Fallen Grace is the story of Grace Hilren, a lord's daughter who strives for the path of righteousness and honor. Her own stubborn brand of pride often gets her in trouble, but she continues to move forward even when the odds are stacked against her.**

Grace’s hands and feet were locked up in the stocks. The heavy oak bar laid across her neck and her back cramped at the uncomfortable position she had been put in. The rest of the day had passed with an amount of misery she had once reserved for matters that involved her father. Humiliated, stripped of her titles, and charged as a witch, certainly this was not what Leon and George wanted for her when they
:iconchildofthewest:ChildOfTheWest 5 3
Fallen Grace by Katie Roman by ChildOfTheWest Fallen Grace by Katie Roman :iconchildofthewest:ChildOfTheWest 1 0
Grace of the Gods - NaNo
It had been over a year since the Death Dealer's last sighting in the port city of Glenbard. It had been fifteen months in fact. Stories filtered in from across Cesernan of the figure in the executioner's hood. The Dealer captured bandits in Escion, rode down thieves in Egona, even track a kidnapper through Actis. Good deeds were done across the land, but none within Glenbard.
Ridley Hunewn, princess of the Thieves' Guild, guessed why no sightings occurred in Glenbard. The city guards had burned the Death Dealer in effigy. The guild had put a bounty on the vigilante's head. All because one fool killed a guard. Guard and guild both wanted man brought to their own brand of justice, but the Death Dealer caught him. Caught him and quietly ended his life without starting a war in the city.
The self-proclaimed princess owed a debt to the Dealer and aided in the escape from Glenbard. She burned the executioner's hood and kept the whereabouts a secret. Fifteen months passed. Flared tempers soo
:iconchildofthewest:ChildOfTheWest 1 0
In the forests of the northern barony, Arganis, a young woman fled for her life. She was a simple farmer’s daughter and had nothing, but it did not stop the advancing highway robber. No doubt he, like others of his sort, was moving steadily south toward the capital of Cesernan. They came into the small port the barony supported and moved southwards to the capital for better plunder. Other highway robbers had threatened girls of the village before, but young Nina did not think she would ever be among them.
Nina’s legs ached from running and he would soon be on her. She had been warned of the dangers of coming home past dark. Her father had insisted she stay at her grandmother's should the sun set before her chores were completed. She had decided to return home in spite of the warnings. As her body labored forward to avoid capture, she knew the folly of her choice.
“Come on, puppet, jus' a lit'le kiss for ol' Robbie!” A large hand grabbed the back of Nina’s
:iconchildofthewest:ChildOfTheWest 1 4

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Far in Philadelphia
The sky was an inky black, and mingling with its constellations were the faintest remnants of smoke and gunpowder. One would guess that it was barely snowing, but the luminescent flakes tumbling around our heads and shoulders were in fact ashes traveling from the rumble of gunfire and cannonade in the distance.
The mud under my shoes was grabbing at my ankles, enviously clinging and gripping to me as I stomped toward the house, and the shawl about my shoulders nipped quietly at the wind. In front of me, Nabby held herself warm. Her figure was pale in the dimness of moonlight. She was getting to be my height, already. Her father would be so surprised at how she had grown once he arrived home.
Soon enough, I heard her knock upon the door, three and a half times.
I stepped beside her and we waited breathlessly until Quincy and Charles were seen in the yellow crack from the slightly opened door.
"Go on, dear..." I told Nabby and she scurried inside the house.
Once I closed the door behind
:iconkaleidoscopewoman:KaleidoscopeWoman 4 22
Legolas by trillions Legolas :icontrillions:trillions 712 123 Young Kotake And Koume by Reenigrl Young Kotake And Koume :iconreenigrl:Reenigrl 200 84 Out of the Sea by madmoiselleclau Out of the Sea :iconmadmoiselleclau:madmoiselleclau 1,690 379 Malon by Reenigrl Malon :iconreenigrl:Reenigrl 464 67 Disney Princess Saria: commish by madmoiselleclau Disney Princess Saria: commish :iconmadmoiselleclau:madmoiselleclau 926 212
Dusty Keys
I see my electric keyboard sitting by the window.
I haven't played it in far too long.
So I wipe the dust off the keys
And coax them again to song.
I play a song I've just learned,
My fingers working in harmony with the keys.
I feel a stirring in my gut,
The power of the melody.
I'd forgotten what it was like,
Playing on my keyboard.
I'd forgotten how I love it.
It's not long before I'm utterly absorbed.
I study the notes I made
When I was learning this song.
My fingers follow the music,
And eventually I don't get it wrong.
The melody plays in my head
As the piano sings along.
My blood pumps faster as my heart screams,
"Oh, I haven't done this in so long!"
I'd forgotten my love for my music,
But the piano grabbed my hand
And guided me along
Until I was back in that magic land.
I'm glad I rediscovered music.
I feel my heart somewhat renewed.
I shut off my keyboard,
And promise to return again soon.
:iconthestoryneverends:TheStoryNeverEnds 4 10
Bryn by InTheShadowsOTheMoon Bryn :iconintheshadowsothemoon:InTheShadowsOTheMoon 8 7



Katie Roman
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I have been writing since 1998, at the tender age of ten. Writing is my passion. I studied history in college and minored in English. I strive to combine history and fantasy into young adult novels. On the side I have a paranormal romance web series.
I have a book being published through Whiskey Creek Press, to be released in November 2013
I haven't been on DA in forever! I was just sitting around tonight, getting ready to play some Dragon Age when I decided to get back on. God, I actually missed this place. 

A lot has happened since December when I last posted a journal entry. I ended a five year relationship. I moved. I traveled for work. I got an exhibitor space for a 2016 writer's conference. I bought tickets to go to Iceland. I went to a couple of really amazing concerts. I wrote stuff. Busy, busy, busy. 

I'd like to get back on DA more regularly. I bought a book of writing prompts, maybe I'll post those here. I'm rambling, but seriously, missed this place.


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Swirls And Hearts Lines by MelianOfMist
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Also, thanks for the watch! :D

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I enjoyed what I read and I look forward to reading more.
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